Hi, everyone! It’s Maša. Welcome to English Snippets, episode 4. If you’d like to catch up on the previous podcasts where we talked about expressions to use when you don’t understand someone in episode 1, about pronouncing similar words correctly in episode 2 and how to make small talk in episode 3, please visit

OK, today we’re going to talk about the 6 commonly mispronounced words in Business English. There are other tricky words to pronounce for language learners, but these are the ones I often come across during Business English courses.
At this point, if possible and if you’re listening to this podcast via SoundCloud, please visit our website, and click on the podcast to get a visual presentation of the words –it may be easier for you to follow along. If not, my spelling the words will hopefully suffice.

Let’s check their usual and correct pronounciation, starting a countdown from 6 to 1:

6. C-o-m-f-o-r-t-a-b-l-e – it is often pronounced as /kʌm.fɚr.t̬æ.bəl/, but it is pronounced as /kʌm.fɚ.t̬ə.bəl/, so instead of 4 syllables we only have 3.
5. I-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g – mostly pronounced as /ɪn.təre.stɪnk/, but it is pronounced as /ɪn.trɪ.stɪŋ/ – again, instead of 4 syllables we only have 3.
4. L-i-n-k-e-d-I-n – you can often hear it as /lɪŋkedɪn/, however, it’s /lɪŋktɪn/.
3. W-i-F-i (Wi-Fi) – also pronounced literally, as /vɪfɪ/, but keep in mind it’s /waɪ.faɪ/.
2. C-o-m-p-a-n-y – mispronounced as /kɑːmpani/, as it is really /kʌm.pə.ni/.
1. S-u-c-c-e-s-s – probably the hardest one to crack, it is pronounced as /sekses/, however, the correct pronunciation is /səkˈses/.

How many did you get right? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

As a challenge, read the sentences below with all the words in one place:
At first, I didn’t feel comfortable using LinkedIn, as I didn’t know the platform. My company introduced me to it, and now I find it interesting. Your success in finding a job can be much higher on LinkedIn, than on any other social platform, as it is professional and business-oriented. To install it, all you need is a good wi-fi connection.

Hope it went well.
That’s it for today, everyone. Thank you for being here and ‘till next time.

Happy speaking!